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2 June 2008

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Civic square art
25 May 2008

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Katalog Stron on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
great picture,exellent compo,bravo

DaveB on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
Cool perspective, looks like an interesting place to shoot!

Alun Lambert on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
cool shot

DarkElf on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
cool shot! very interesting!

[suvni:R] on lonely barn
love the colors!

Veronelle on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
drole d'effet, j'ai cru au depart que c'était une vue d'avion !

dj.tigersprout on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
this is a trip! a rare and wonderful photo! 'there be giants!' :) excellent!

Pinxi on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
Great perspective!

MahGol on Cite de Science de Paris la Villette
i love this capture .. very brilliant .. thanx Inki.

dj.tigersprout on lonely barn
lonely... but also resilient! Beautiful scenery here!

dj.tigersprout on Waikoropupu Spring
a beautiful bend in a river... that water is gorgeous!

dj.tigersprout on autumn
how did i miss this! wonderful composition and color!

dj.tigersprout on curiosity
love this! what a great angle! :)

Veronelle on lonely barn
Nice landscape !

Ekaputra Tupamahu on Waikoropupu Spring

Alun Lambert on Waikoropupu Spring
lovely shot

[suvni:R] on curiosity
nice and funny picture :-)

Elisa on curiosity
great capture!! really like it!

Alun Lambert on curiosity
great shot

Ekaputra Tupamahu on curiosity
wow fantastic image!

Ekaputra Tupamahu on autumn

DaveB on autumn
Love the contrasting colours, and the lighting is great!

Alun Lambert on autumn
realy good shot

DarkElf on anyone thirsty?
great vineyard shot... lovely rows of vines and the sky tops it off nicely with deep blue tone...

dj.tigersprout on anyone thirsty?
beautiful shot of the vineyard. what a gorgeous sky.

adiemus on anyone thirsty?
I thought I recognised the colour and quality of light!! Is it riesling or pinot?

Baz on anyone thirsty?
Great colours and composition. What type of grapes/wine is that?

Daroru on Again through the trees
I like how you've framed this, and the more abstract, blurred foreground.

Julie McLeod on Water Lilly
Wonderful clarity and depth of field...

dj.tigersprout on zon en wind aan het strand
are you originally dutch? :) great photo collection here, you have a wonderful eye for composition, color and detail. i ...

dj.tigersprout on Franz Josef Glacier
great angle on this. very crisp. you should have more of these in your portfolio!

dj.tigersprout on Glacier Ice
wonderful sky... great glacier shot too!

dj.tigersprout on elephant rocks
great angle... love the 'sea' of green here...

dj.tigersprout on elephant rock
i love rocks... :) awesome image.

dj.tigersprout on Nugget Point
this is wonderful... great composition leads you right into the pic.

dj.tigersprout on Lifesaver
nice detail here... love the decay on the lifesaver has rubbed off part of the lettering. beautiful.

dj.tigersprout on black sand beach
great beach scene here... love the straight line of the sand ending in the rocks to the left. great sky capture too.

dj.tigersprout on Refreshing
such wonderful lines... that blue really is refreshing!

Veronelle on Again through the trees
Beautifull photo

[suvni:R] on Refreshing
love the composition

Alun Lambert on Through the trees

Aaron Schmidt on High in the Sky
Great angle. You get a great sense of what he's reaching for. Nice processing too.

Alun Lambert on High in the Sky
nice shot

Earnest on Water Lilly
Wow.. beautiful photo!

Alun Lambert on Water Lilly
What a lovely image

dj.tigersprout on Water Lilly
such divine, wonderful blooms... beautifully captured... love the colors here

Alun Lambert on Table Gnome
thats great

M!NA on Table Gnome
The little man..:)

dENY on Red Rose
cool, good enough, but this object not too much beauty

Alun Lambert on Red Rose
realy good dof, well done

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